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Florida Property Insurance Claim Attorneys

Protecting Your Rights

50+ Combined Years of Experience and 1,000+ Insurance Claims Handled

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We fight denied, delayed and underpaid property insurance claims throughout Florida. 

If you feel your property claim has been unfairly denied or delayed contact the experienced property insurance attorneys of McRae & Metcalf, P.A. 

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Florida Property Insurance Lawyer 
​Benjamin "Ben" C. Patton

Fighting For You and Your Home

We fight denied, delayed, and underpaid claims so that you can be made whole under your policy

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Compassionate Counselors 

Experienced Advocates

The property insurance lawyers at McRae & Metcalf, P.A. have more than 50 years of combined legal experience successfully resolving all types of insurance claim disputes. They aggressively fight to preserve and protect the rights of policyholders in Florida.

Having successfully handled numerous insurance claims, the experienced property insurance attorneys at McRae & Metcalf, P.A. understand what it takes to prevail and are not intimidated or fooled by the tactics of the attorneys and adjusters on the other side. We will aggressively navigate the complex arena of claim disputes and assist you in getting fully reimbursed for the damages you have incurred.

Case Results

$79,000 Recovered For a Denied Water Loss

Our client’s home suffered an unfortunate and extensive water loss related to a HVAC leak. The insurance company denied and delayed paying the homeowner what was owed under the policy.  We fought for additional living expenses, contents loss, mitigation costs, mold costs, repairs and other available coverage. After filing a lawsuit, we were able to recover over $79,000 from the insurance company.

$65,000 Recovered For Underpaid Hurricane Loss

Our client’s townhome suffered extensive damage due to Hurricane Michael. The Insurance Company adjusted the loss and woefully underpaid the claim. After filing a lawsuit, we were able to recover an additional $65,000 for our clients to restore their property to its pre-loss condition. 

$232,000 Appraisal Award for Underpaid Hurricane Loss 

Our client's home suffered devastating damages from Hurricane Michael. The Insurance Company refused to fairly compensate our clients, estimating the damages at less than $100,000.00, forcing them to retain our representation and file a lawsuit. After filing suit we obtained an appraisal award for nearly $132,000 above the Insurance Company's initial offer. 

Experienced Advocates Fighting for You

Expert Handling of Property Insurance Claims in Florida

Property Insurance Lawyers

Has your property insurance claim been denied, delayed or underpaid?

Facing property damage in Florida can be overwhelming, but navigating your insurance claim doesn't have to be. As experienced Florida Property Insurance Lawyers, we specialize in a wide array of property insurance claims, ensuring that your rights are protected and you receive the compensation you deserve. Whether it's damage from Florida's notorious hurricanes, unexpected fire and water damage, or more complex issues like sinkhole and mold claims, with our expertise and experience we can help. We have experience handling various types of property insurance claims, including:   

  • Hurricane and Tropical Storm Claims 
  • Wind Claims 
  • ​Fire Claims 
  • ​Water Damage Claims 
  • ​Water Heater Claims 
  • ​Flood Damage Claims 
  • ​Mold Claims 
  • ​Theft and Vandalism Claims 
  • ​Sinkhole Claims 
  • ​Roof Damage Claims 
  • ​Hail Claims 
  • ​Lightning Claims 
  • ​Business Interruption Claims 
  • ​Underpaid Claims 
  • ​Bad Faith Insurance Practices 
  • ​Liability Claims 
  • ​Coverage, Appraisal and Valuation Disputes
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